Iso-Amyl/Nitrate analyser

Iso-Amyl/Nitrate analyser fertilizer industry Processfluid has to be checked for NO3 and Isoamylalcohol. Both values have to be as low as possible for environmental and cost reasons. Nitrate measurement is done by UV-spectroscopy without chemicals. Amylalcohol needs an extraction step with an organic phase and UVspectroscopy afterwards. Murtac developed an extraction unit fulfilling the labprocedure - doing extraction, washing, neutralisation and phase seperation perfectly. (Please do not hesitate to ask for the datasheet “Extraction unit” with more details.) Measurement ranges are 0-200ppm for Isoamylalcohol and 0-1500ppm for Nitrate. The Nitrate determination is fully compareable to lab measurement and matches entirely with the lab results. This applies to the Amylalcohol measurement also - fully compareable to lab-results (as exactly the same procedure ) with an even better accuracy. Extraction and phase seperation, fitting to several lab procedures, can be done by this extraction-unit, as an enlargement of the existing digestion and distillation procedures.