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Company description

MURTAC is specialised in the design, development and production of ON-LINE Analysers for WATEROUS SAMPLES (from drinking water up to highly concentrated acids or caustic fluids) using automized wet chemistry for determination of several parameters.

MURTAC has over 20 years’ experience in the planning, realisation and supervision of client-specific on-line process analysers for the chemical and sewage treatment industries. The company offers internationally renowned, highly economical, efficient and reliable solutions to complex measuring tasks, with projects successfully undertaken throughout Austria, as well as Australia, India, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Taiwan and Czech Republic.


MURTAC’s OMT 20-SX/DXN ONLINE ANALYSER RANGE can be adapted to differing requirements according to need. Areas of application are the chemical industry, surface treatment, foodstuffs industry and drinking and waste water treatment.

The equipment analyses fluids using samples which can be collected in various receptacles, test tubes or batches as well as from various types of process flows. The technology used for taking samples is cost-effective and does not require expensive ultra-filtration.

With a low consumption of chemicals the OMT 20-SX/DXN analyser range allows the consecutive measurement of a number of parameters at short intervals of time (up to a maximum of 3 parameters at up to 4 sampling locations).

For example in water treatment, concentrations of Ammonia, Nitrate, Total N and Phosphate can be determined in this way as can parameters for Acidity, Lye, H2O2 (oxidants), Hardness, Chromate, Nitrite, Iron (II, III), Cobalt, Copper, Manganese and the Phenolic Index. Especially in the Zinc Industry MURTAC’s analysing systems have proved themselves in the early past.

The fields of application are water-, wastewater- and drinking water applications (wastewater treatment plants, municipal sewage treatment plants, river water monitoring) as well as industrial production plants (zinc huts, pulp and paper industry, food industry, chemical industry) Murtac offers turn-key solutions via it’s representative or directly to the client in countries were no sales agent is operating. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to assist you with our best service!