On Line Sulfide monitor ISE-510

Beside the OMT20-SX/DXN process analyzer family Murtac offers special instruments for special applications. One of these unique devices is the Murtac ISE-510 sulfide monitor. Dedicated for applications in aqueous sample streams with a pH not lower than 7 and permanent presence of sulfide it is the perfect solution to get a reading within one minute for special cases.

The monitor system consists of two parts, first an on line armature carrying a sulfide sensitive electrode, a pH electrode, a sulfide insensitive reference electrode and a temperature sensor. Second the measurement and calculation unit which gives after some mathematics a fast and reliable sulfide signal out of the electrode’s input signals.

No additional chemicals are needed - manual calibration once a week only or even in longer intervals. On the other side process calibration can be done out of the comparison measurement monitor laboratory.

Typical applications

Sulfide monitoring and control in sulfur removal stage of a waste water treatment plant

Sulfide monitoring for odour control

Sulfide monitoring in process streams

Specific data

Murtac ISE-510 On line sulfide monitor
Sulfide measurement range: 1- 10 (100, 1000, 5000)ppm
Sample pH 7-14
Sample temperature 5-60° C
Sample pressure free flow up to 2 barg
Local displays: sulfide, raw voltage sufide sensitive electrode, pH
Outputs: 4-20mAmps standard outputs for sulfide, raw voltage sulfide sensitive electrode and pH result
The sulfide result can be read out digital as an option (Modbus protocol, RS485) also.
Operational voltage measurement and calcualtion unit: AC 48 - 63 Hz, 110 - 240 Volt, +10/-15%, 30 VA
Ambient temperature <40°C
Housing IP65